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Audi/Seat Fiscon Handsfree bluetooth 'BASIC' met Quadlock - Muziek streamen en Bellen -

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Audi/Seat Fiscon Handsfree bluetooth 'BASIC' met Quadlock - Muziek streamen en Bellen -

  • Geschikt voor modellen met Mini ISO
  • Passend  voor bijna elke mobiele telefoon op de markt
  • Fiscon Handsfree bluetooth 'BASIC' met Mini ISO is geschikt voor de volgende radio- en navigatiesystemen:
    • AUDI:
      • Chorus 2
      • Concert 2
      • Symphony 2
    • Seat:
      • Adaggio
  • Simpele installatie door de opmaat gemaakte kabelboom

Beschrijving in het Engels:

The advantages at a glance:

  • Integration into the infotainment system of the vehicle
  • Recognition of the country language - this is automatically taken over and displayed by the vehicle. Currently supported languages:
    • German
    • English
    • Spanish
    • Italian
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Portuguese
  • Voice output via the vehicle loudspeaker - no installation of additional loudspeakers necessary
  • A2DP Audiostreaming for playing music files via the vehicle loudspeaker (if supported by the telephone)
  • OEM-operated by means of:
    • Multi-function steering wheel (if available) - If no multi-function steering wheel is available, the mobile phone must be operated
    • Driver Information System (FIS)
  • Microphone amplification (up to 30 db) to optimize the voice quality via FIS
  • Software updates are possible without restrictions
  • FISCON Diagnostic Function - The following applications can be performed with the VW Audi Diagnostic System VAS:
    • Retrieving phone information (software index)
    • Interface RESET interface can be reset to factory settings
  • Use the following phone functions:
    • Calling up the phone book entries * (limited access to 1000 entries - sub-entries included)
    • Establish, accept and end calls
    • Volume Control
    • A2DP
  • mute
  • Best voice quality (even at high speeds)


  • Bluetooth interface
  • microphone
  • cableset


  • * If supported by phone
  • Currently, the hands-free kit is limited to the following vehicles:
    • Audi A3 8P, A3 Sportback, A3 Convertible
    • Audi A4 8E, B6, B7
    • TT 8J, Roadster, Coupé
    • A6 4B (from MJ 2000)
    • SEAT Exeo
  • After the installation, the vehicle must be coded on the phone. To do this, please consult an Audi partner or a specialist dealer with diagnostic software
  • Please provide the vehicle specific information above
  • In some vehicles with radiogeneration 2 + / 3, the number remains in the FIS after termination of the call. In this case, the item number 36431 is to be used